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If you’re looking to buy a quarter steer Lancaster PA we’d be honored to serve you! A quarter steer is a great amount of beef to start with if you’ve never purchased bulk beef from a local farm before.
Many people have never purchased beef in bulk before, so this is a new experience for them and they are beginning to learn the different cuts of beef. We encourage everyone who is new at it to start with a quarter, especially if they have limited freezer space, and learn the different cuts of beef so that when it is time to order again they can order a half steer and stock up their freezer with some great quality beef while also capturing the price savings of ordering a half steer. There is a price break for each bracket, so for a half a steer you would receive a better price per pound than on a quarter, and a whole would receive a lower price per pound than a half steer.

The main difference between if you buy a quarter steer Lancaster PA from Rock Haven Family Farms and purchasing your beef at the grocery store, is the quality! Our beef is dry aged at the butcher for two weeks, which ensures the most tender beef. Most beef at the grocery store is not aged much or is wet aged, which simply means they mist it with water while it is aging so it maintains the weight at the grocery store. This is why it can seem like your beef “disappears” while you cook it, it has a decent amount of water weight in it!

Another huge advantage of purchasing beef from Rock Haven Family Farms is that we are able to pass on some great price savings to you. If you purchased our beef in stores individually (by the piece) it will cost much more than ordering a quarter steer from our farm.

So how many pounds are in a quarter of beef? On average, a quarter steer is around 130 pounds of beef. In general, if you keep as many steaks and roasts and other miscellaneous cuts from your quarter, you will receive approximately 50 pounds of ground beef, 40 pounds of steaks and miscellaneous cuts like short ribs, and 40 pounds of roasts. We do provide custom orders so that if your family doesn’t use many steaks or roasts, we can turn some of those into chip steak, ground beef, or hamburger patties. This allows for our customers to customize their order to the way their family eats so that when you fill your freezer with our beef, you are filling it with amazing cuts your family enjoys. Our goal is to provide a great value, and that means making sure you are receiving cuts of beef that your family will use and enjoy. If this is your first time and you aren’t familiar with many cuts, we encourage you to try them so that you can know the different cuts, but I also recognize everyone eats differently so we need to specialize each order so that everyone is able to use and enjoy the beef they receive.

As far as timing, our goal is to do a beef round every two to three months. This means if you are looking to buy a quarter steer Lancaster PA please don’t hesitate to reach out so we can put you on the schedule to get beef in your freezer as soon as possible. We typically sell out, so we always encourage our customers to place their orders as soon as they know they will need more beef so we can reserve it for them.

All of our beef comes labeled and vacuum sealed in clear packaging and is frozen in the butcher’s commercial freezer. We really like the way our butchers package the beef, and it makes it very easy to identify each cut. If you’d like to bring coolers or containers for your beef you’re very welcome to do that, and the butcher also has cardboard boxes that work well for transporting the beef home.

Here is the process if you buy a quarter steer Lancaster pa from Rock Haven Family Farms. If you have purchased beef in bulk in the past and you are comfortable placing an order, you can go ahead and call us at 717-305-1315 and we can take your deposit. We ask for a $100 deposit for a quarter because it is a custom order specifically for you and your family, and the remainder is due when you pick up your beef. After you place your deposit we would be happy to go over the order form with you to help pick your different cuts of beef. Once your order form is filled out we will submit it to the butcher and schedule a time that it suits both of us to meet at the butcher shop to pick up your beef. At the butcher shop we will settle up on the final payment, go over your order together, and help you load your beef in your vehicle.

Anyone who has the freezer space is a great fit for purchasing a quarter steer. If you buy a quarter steer Lancaster PA from Rock Haven Family Farms, you will need approximately 4 cubic feet of freezer space. We have families as well as individuals that buy a quarter steer Lancaster PA in bulk to have easy meal planning and high quality beef on hand. On average, a quarter steer will last approximately 6-7 months for a typical family of four. According to the US Department of Agriculture frozen beef will last indefinitely, but for the highest quality we recommend using your beef within two years.

Purchasing beef in bulk is an economical way to feed a family, and if you’ve never purchased beef from a farm before, you will be amazed at the quality difference! Here at Rock Haven we strive to produce the best quality beef and are honored to walk with our amazing customers through the process of purchasing bulk beef. We truly enjoy getting to connect with each one of you, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions! Call us today at 717-305-1315


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