Frequently Asked Questions:


How often do you process beef?

We aim to have beef ready every 3-4 months, but we are working towards having beef available more consistently throughout the year! If you are not quite ready for Bulk Beef In Lancaster yet but would like to be put on a waiting list please email us at info@rockhavenfamilyfarms.com so we can reserve beef for you from our next round. Our beef cattle program can take up to 9 months to raise steers, so it can be a long process and we schedule our date out 6-9 months, so if you don’t need beef right now but will in the next 6 months, please reach out to us so we can reserve it for you.


How do I reserve or purchase beef?

If you are interested in reserving beef, please email info@rockhavenfamilyfarms.com so we can get your beef reserved for you! We will reach out, answer any questions and email the order form to you. We ask for a $100 deposit per quarter because these are custom orders. We will go over the order form together to make sure we can get the best possible cuts for you and your family and we will submit that to the butcher for you. Once your beef is ready we will schedule a date to meet at the butcher to pick up your beef.



What if I have questions about the butcher order form?

We are always here to answer any questions you may have about filling out the form! Give us a call at 717-305-1315 or email info@rockhavenfamilyfarms.com. Each butcher does their work a little differently, so even if you purchased from us before with a different butcher please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and credit card for the final payment at the butcher. When you call or email ahead of time to reserve your beef we can accept a check in the mail to: Luke Hershey 148 White Rock Road Kirkwood, PA 17536 or you can call us at 717-305-1315 and pay with a credit card over the phone.


Do you have a limited amount of beef?

Yes! We are a local beef farm and we only sell our own beef, never from a sale barn, so we can only raise a certain number of cattle. We do our best to give plenty of time for our customers to get their orders in, but many times we do have a full list and only so many slots at the butcher. We are working on growing and possibly adding other butchers who are able to accommodate us, but in the mean time the best thing is to get your order in as soon as possible so we can work to get your Bulk Beef In Lancaster order to you in a timely fashion.


Where do I pick up the beef?

We will meet at the butcher to pick up your Bulk Beef In Lancaster. Once the butcher tells us your order is ready we will touch base and schedule a date and time to meet at the butcher. We will go over your order with you to make sure it’s correct and help you load it in your vehicle.


Is the beef 100% grass fed?

No. Our beef spend the first 2/3 of their life out on pasture and then we slowly transition them to a hay (grass) and corn diet to ensure a tender, high quality product. Almost all of their food is raised right here on the farm (we purchase minerals and soybeans) and we provide great quality feed for them.


Who will meet me at the butcher?

Either Luke or Kelsey (or both!) will meet you at the butcher. They will send the invoice to you for the beef before you meet them at the butcher. Their phone numbers are on the invoice for if you have any Bulk Beef questions or are running behind schedule.


How long is the process of purchasing beef?

Once the steers are at the butcher it is about a 2 ½ week process. They dry age the beef for 2 weeks, which creates tender beef, and then they custom cut your order and freeze it in their commercial freezers.


What do I need to bring to the butcher?

The process of picking up your beef is fairly simple. Your beef will be frozen so you will want to make sure you have ample room in your freezer to store your beef. You will need to remember to bring 2 payments along, one for us and one for the butcher. You can also bring coolers along if you would like, but the Bulk Beef In Lancaster butchers also have cardboard boxes we can pack the meat into as well.


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