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RockHaven 02​Here at Rock Haven Family Farms we are proud to offer high-quality Bulk Beef In Lancaster Black Angus freezer beef. The quality begins in the genetics; black angus beef cattle are the gold standard as far as beef is concerned and we’ve found them to be consistently superior to other breeds. We also focus on feeding them balanced, nutritious meals of hay and corn. Our steers spend the first 2/3 of their life on a grass diet and we slowly transition them to more of a grain-based diet to guarantee the most tender beef possible. Along with that we always ask our butchers to dry age our beef for at least two weeks. This is one more step to create the best freezer beef possible.


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Our beef is sold in 3 options:
1/4 STEER – Approximately 130lb of beef
1/2 STEER – Approximately 260lb of beef
WHOLE STEER – Approximately 520lb of beef


How It Breaks Down

We normally raise our steers to around 1500-1600lbs. Obviously it can vary from steer to steer, but based on a 1550lb steer this is what it looks like:
A 1550lb steer is about 870lbs dressed hanging weight
870lbs x .60 (after the dry aging and butchering) = about 522lbs of beef in your freezer for a whole steerRockHaven 01
half steer – about 261* lbs beef in your freezer
quarter steer – about 130* lbs beef in your freezer
*This weight varies by steer and also by the way you choose your cuts of beef. If you want more bones in your steaks and roasts you will have a higher weight, if you choose to debone most of your beef you will have less weight.
Many people aren’t sure how much beef they will need for their family, so we normally recommend starting with a quarter of Bulk Beef In Lancaster for your first purchase so you can get a good idea of how far 130lbs of beef lasts for your family. According to the USDA, beef that stays consistently frozen will be safe to eat indefinitely, but for the highest quality we recommend eating your beef within 12 months of the purchase date.
While the 1/4 steer option is the most popular, we have quite a few customers who go together to place an order for a half or whole steer and then split it out between the families. This provides even greater Bulk Beef In Lancaster savings. If you are looking to get the most bang for your buck, we highly recommend getting some family or friends together to purchase beef!

The Process

Once we have butcher dates listed, we begin taking Bulk Beef In Lancaster orders for quarters, halves, and whole steer purchases. Once you decide how much beef you will need, we will send a custom order sheet to you for you to fill out so you can get the exact cuts you want. We know this is new for so many people so we will gladly walk through this process with you so you can understand the cuts and order what works best for you and your family. This is where it is important to consider the way you and your family eat. Do you enjoy lots of steaks? Do you make hamburgers every week? Consider the way your family eats so you can customize your order accordingly.

We ask for $100 per quarter deposit to reserve a quarter because these are custom orders. We will place your order with the Bulk Beef In Lancaster butcher and work with him on your behalf. Once the beef is ready at the butcher, we will meet you there to go over your order and make sure everything is correct. We’ll load your beef into your vehicle and you will be all set to enjoy your fresh black angus beef!

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The Advantage

Once you taste fresh, local Black Angus beef you will never go back! Our beef is dry aged at the butcher, which you will notice has a darker appearance than store bought beef since they typically wet-age it. Have you ever noticed how it seems to ‘disappear’ while you cook it? It has been soaking up water to keep its weight for when it goes to the store. While wet aging can help tenderize the meat, it also creates a lot of water weight that will evaporate once the meat is cooked.

Our customers also love being able to customize their Bulk Beef In Lancaster order to fit their family’s needs! You can keep it very simple and order just the basic cuts (steaks, roasts, ground beef, etc.), or you can try other things such as hamburger patties, chip steak, and stew meat.


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