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Now Hiring!

Are you a hard-working individual who likes to have fun and doesn’t mind the daily grind of a working farm? Here at Rock Haven Family Farms we prioritize character and work ethic while training skill to accomplish the tasks on the farm.

Who is a good fit for Rock Haven Family Farms?

If you enjoy hard work, animal husbandry, and are self-motivated you will thrive at Rock Haven. Employees must enjoy caring for animals and willing to learn the daily workings of the farm. Here at Rock Haven we believe our work is vital to our community and we treat everyone with respect. If you enjoy working with customers and are responsible with delegated tasks, we would love for you to join our team! We are also looking for potential part-time employees who are able to come in the early morning and/or early evening for the steer feedings.

Who would like working at Rock Haven Family Farms?

If you enjoy the outdoors, hard work, and a varied schedule, you will enjoy working at Rock Haven! Every day on a farm can look a little different, so if you enjoy having a flexible schedule, are up to learning new things, and like to have fun, Rock Haven Family Farms may be a great fit for you.

Who would not like working at Rock Haven Family Farms?

Can’t get to work on time? Unwilling to work weekends? A job at Rock Haven would not be for you! Our steers need feed at a consistent time every morning and evening, so if you aren’t able to arrive on time and with a good attitude this isn’t the job for you. If you enjoy sitting at a desk all day doing bookwork you will want to look for a different employment opportunity where you will excel.

Who should apply to work at Rock Haven Family Farms?

Any high character individual who is willing to put in the work is welcome to apply! We are ideally looking for individuals who have already graduated high school, but if you are a high school student looking for a summer job please don’t hesitate to reach out! Work on the farm involves a lot of physical labor so applicants must be able to handle a certain level of physical activity and enjoy working outside.

What does the day to day look like?

Life on the farm is very diverse! Chores vary by season, but all year we are caring for the steers and dogs (we also run a professional kennel on the property) and making sure they are fed, healthy, and comfortable. Spring and summer chores involve working in the fields, mowing, and general upkeep of the farm. Fall and winter chores include cleaning farm equipment, shop work, snow removal, etc. Chores can vary by season as well as by day so team members must be comfortable with a flexible schedule and open to learning new skills along the way.

What should you wear?

The dress code at Rock Haven Family Farms is considered casual unless you are working with customers for Rock Haven Family Farms or Rock Haven Retrievers. Safety is the number 1 issue and a top priority on the farm, so employees must wear appropriate clothing. Jeans and a clean shirt are great for work around the farm. Loose or ill-fitting clothing is a hazard for working around equipment. We wear Dry-Shod and Muck boots on the farm when working with cattle, or regular work boots when operating equipment. When working with customers directly employees must wear a company shirt and jeans.

When do you work/what are the hours?

We get to work around 5:30 am and finish up with work around 6pm in the evenings. Applicants should be able to work either a morning shift or an evening shift. We are also open to individuals who are looking to pick up some part time work by coming in the mornings and evenings to help with the steer feedings, which is about 1 ½ hours per feeding. Hours can vary by season on the farm, which requires flexibility. Winter is slower on the farm so there is more flexibility. Fall is our busiest season on the farm and will require longer days.

Where are you located?

We are located in southern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We live in Kirkwood, Pennsylvania almost directly between Quarryville, PA and Oxford, PA. The farm is 140 acres of beautiful rolling fields and woodland.

What can you tell me about Rock Haven Family Farms?

Rock Haven Family Farms is a 4th generation family farm. We raise and sell Black Angus here on the farm, and we produce the crops that feed the steers. We also raise English Yellow Labrador Retriever puppies. Anyone who works with us must have a clean record of working with animals. Rock Haven is truly a family farm, we live on the farm with our family and spend many hours working feeding the steers, raising crops, and caring for puppies. Applicants must love animals to work on this farm because it is the largest part of the daily work on the farm. We strive to create a high-energy work environment, where we work hard to make hard work fun and to celebrate our accomplishments.

Here at Rock Haven Family Farms we raise black angus beef for our customers located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas. We are a working farm, so applicants must be able to work outside, have a strong drive to succeed, and willing to learn new skills. We focus on keeping a positive attitude and enjoying what we do!
Character and integrity are a large part of operating the farm. We are providing an amazing product for our customers and we take that honor very seriously. If you love working with animals, are organized and able to stay on task, and enjoy working alone and with other people, you may be a great fit for the farm!
If you are interested in working with us to bring fresh black angus freezer beef to our community, please don’t hesitate to reach out to!


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