As a small family owned business, we are very passionate about feeding our local families here as well as caring for those around the world who are in need. As you’ve looked across our website, hopefully it is clear that we believe in not only serving you all to provide you with a healthy, high quality product, but also to give back so we can share with those less fortunate. We are very aware of how blessed we are to live where we do, and to have the support and community around us that we have. Because of this, we believe it is our responsibility to use what we have been given to help those in need the best we can.

Ever since Rock Haven family farms was started, we have supported a child through compassion international. We really respect and admire this organization, whose goal is to care for those less fortunate, so a portion of all of our sales go to support children at Compassion International. Compassion focuses on “releasing children from poverty in Jesus’s name” by caring for children physically, economically, spiritually, and emotionally. From our experience working with them there are orphans that are cared for and supported, but there are also many single parents and families that simply are struggling to put food on the table for their children. Compassion is an international organization that supports children all over the world, from Peru to China.

How did we choose Compassion International? It is important to us to choose a charity that has been around for a significant amount of time (Compassion International was founded in 1952) and has a consistent and reliable track record. We trust that when we give to Compassion that the funds are being used to support children in poverty, specifically our sponsor child. They have their accreditations and professional backing so we are confident in them as an organization. They have a reputation as one of the leading organizations on helping children out of poverty. From our experience working with them, they have always been great to work with and communicate through email and literature everything they are doing to support the children. They also do a wonderful job with updates and communicating on how our child/children are growing.

Luke and I (Kelsey) both grew up in homes where we sponsored Compassion children, so it is close to our hearts. I remember as a child writing letters and sending small things to them, and looking forward to receiving their letters in the mail! It was one of my first experiences that really opened my eyes to the broader world and taught me a lot about giving to support others when we are so blessed with what we have. We believe it truly is better to give than to receive, and if we happened to be in the place of the families we are supporting, it would mean so much to us to feel supported from another family across the world. I truly can’t imagine having a family and not being able to feed them, as a mother that would be so difficult to watch, so it’s an honor and also a responsibility we feel to be diligent with what the Lord has given to us.

We love being able to now support a child through Compassion International with our children! Our son, Cody, and Nigel are the same age, so it’s fun for them to color pictures and write letters to send to each other. Cody and Nate both enjoy getting pictures from Nigel, and we talk about and pray for him on a consistent basis. My hope is that this will also impact them so they can grow to become compassionate adults who also desire to help others in need and to care for the people around them. Compassion does an amazing job at making it very simple to stay in touch with our sponsor child/children, and it is easy for our kids to be involved as well.

So how does the program work? Through Compassion we have sponsored a child named Nigel. We chose Nigel because he is the same age as our son Cody and we really wanted a younger child we could support the whole way through the program. On their website it also lists how many days each child has been waiting for a sponsor, so we also chose a child who was in great need of support. This means we send a monthly donation to help him have food, school supplies, and clothing. We receive monthly letters from him, so we can learn more about him, his family, and his culture.
Nigel is from the Philippines and lives at home with both parents, but with their living situation, and caring for their other child, their family is living in poverty. We are so honored to be able to help him go to school, eat a healthy diet, and have mentors in his life. We are already seeing him grow and thrive through the program!

The goal through Compassion is that when we sponsor a child we are able to actually grow with them and support them until they are an adult. It is a yearly commitment, but for us when we start supporting a child we like to commit to walking with and supporting them throughout their childhood years and into adulthood. It is amazing to watch children grow both physically, and especially emotionally and spiritually! Some of the children are at risk of malnutrition so it’s incredible to watch how they can grow and flourish through this program.

There are over 2.2 million children in the Compassion International program, with centers and staff that support them all around the world, so it’s an honor to play a small part in it!

When you support Rock Haven Family Farms you are not only purchasing amazing beef for you and your family, but you are also supporting a local farming family (thank you!!) and helping feed families across the world!