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Lancaster Bulk Beef

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We have the most amazing staff here ready to serve you Lancaster bulk beef products. Our staff is our family. Our whole entire farm was found in a family, love, integrity, great service and so much more. Luke and his wife are the owners of Rockhaven family farms. Although Luke has only been in business since 2020 he has been able to make so many local Oklahomans extremely happy with his cycle and beef cuts. Don’t set our for the visit his website today. You can also check on Google. We have so many great reviews from our clients and customers.

Luke has been up for two years but he has helped his dad Shelby for over 50 years. That is a long time experience. He is after seeing his dad go to the ups and downs of running a business but all in all he loves what he does. Luke, loves what he does as well. This is why he followed up going into a industry that can seem like a short changes you sometime. However, the gratification of being able to save the lives of others and help them get the most out of their money.

If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns give us a call today. We would love to assist you in any way that we can. Our service is super amazing! You will be so happy that you decided to work with us. We will answer every single one of your questions. If there is something else that we can do to accommodate your family let us know. We’ll be happy to break everything out to you over the phone. We cannot wait to meet you. Give us a call today if you need any additional help that is on our website at 717-305-1315. You can visit our website as well by going to