Lancaster Bulk Beef It’s very easy to buy here at Rock haven Family Farms. We provide you with the best tools and understanding when it comes to ordering your beeping bold. We understand that this might be your first time buying in bulk and that is why we want to make the process very easy for you. We are able to offer a variety of services to ease your ordering these. We are here to answer any questions that you might have when I’m buying beef in bulk. Our Farm is a great way to start. We offer the highest-quality means that you will find anywhere on the market. Grocery stores cannot compete with us because we have very high quality of meats. We are also able to custom cut your order so you have exactly what your family wants.

One great thing that we offer to Rock haven Family Farms is that if this is your first order you get a $50 discount. This is a great way to save money on your needs today. We only offer the services to local residents here in Pennsylvania. You will have to come and get your meat from the butcher shop. We do not deliver. That is another great reason why you should order from us because we are a small business so we are able to accommodate you personally and work with you personally and directly. Lancaster Bulk Beef It’s very easy to order today so do not hesitate and get in touch with us or go to our website to find out more information about us.

We are able to custom cut your beef. So when you order from us everything is custom cut to your needs. So if your family eats burgers on a daily basis, then we are able to give you burger patties. You prefer to have sirloin or filets. We are able to give you those cuts also. So you never have to go to the grocery store and be disappointed because they ran out of your favorite type. You will always have your favorite cut and high quality Cuts in your freezer. Lancaster Bulk Beef Can be more easily attained in means from the grocery store. Here we are able to work with you directly and make sure you get exactly what you need and want.

We are a fourth-generation family-owned business so we take a lot of pride in making sure to hold up the name that our ancestors have built for us. That is why we want to offer the best quality of meat and you will not regret buying from us. You will definitely not be disappointed when you order from us.

If you’re ready to get your order in today or if you just have any more questions you can give us a call. Our phone number is 717-305-1315. Or if you want to read more about our company go to our website because we do have a lot of information on how the process works and what we can achieve here at Rock haven Family Farms to make sure you are taken care of.

Lancaster Bulk Beef | The Best Quality Heavenly Meat

Lancaster Bulk Beef Does not have to be hard to be in your freezer. We are a 4th generation family-owned farm in our name is Rock Haven Family Farms. Sure you’re able to order your Meats custom cut and you’ll always be guaranteed to have fresh meat and high-quality. Everything is erased from the feed to everything that the cow touches. We also use local businesses here in Pennsylvania so nothing is processed without us knowing. Everything is fresh and healthy. You’ll never have to worry about added preservatives because we never add any hormones. So no matter what your needs are and what cut you would like, we are able to accommodate your needs. Our meat is also dry aged for 2 weeks before we cut it so you know you’re getting high quality and freshness guaranteed.

The way our process works is that we post things when you are able to make your order. After post the dates, you will be able to call us or complete a costume sheet online to let us know how much meat you want and which Cuts you want. If you don’t know how much meat you want then definitely get the lowest amount that we offer which is one horse steer approximately 130 lb of meat. You can start with that and go from there .Lancaster Bulk Beef is definitely very easy for you to get today. After you put in your order it takes about two weeks to dry Ager meat and another three days to cut it up so you can come pick it up at the butcher shop. This is not a confusing process and if you have any more questions over the phone.

Lancaster Bulk Beef Can also be very affordable when you buy from us here are the Rocks England Family Farm. We want your family to enjoy high-quality. We are able to give you a $50 discount on your first order so your family can enjoy quality Black Angus beef as soon as possible. No matter what your needs are, we are able to offer you different types of cuts as mentioned before. If you don’t know which party you would like or which cut is your favorite we do have a diagram on our website that demonstrates exactly what each cut is and which part of the cow body each cut is.

If we haven’t got an answer yet then that playing go to our website or just Google app to read all of our reviews. All of our reviews are great and we have many five-star reviews. All of our youth are 5-stars. So you know you are getting high quality and great customer service all at once.

If you’re ready to take the next step in order from us today then give us a call. Our phone number is 717-305-1315. We are also able to answer any questions you have. You can also visit our website and see for yourself but everything is about. You can contact us through there as well.