If you’re looking for a place to get Lancaster Bulk Beef, then look no further than our company. Here at Rock Haven Family Farms we offer a variety of different cuts of Black Angus freezer beef. You of course get to choose what cut you would like near custom-made ordering. You can buy your meat in bulk and save lots of money and don’t have to go to the grocery store. Everything here is high quality and quality is guaranteed when you buy from Rock Haven Family Farms. You will never have to worry about your meat being full of hormones or being unhealthy. Here at our Farms we strive to provide the best and healthiest meat in the industry.

What is amazing about our companies that we have been owned by the same family for four generations. So when you get your meat here from us you know you’re getting gray customer service because we work directly with you. You won’t have to deal with bad customer service when you call to put in an order or just to ask questions. We are a small family-owned company which is a great thing to work with. Lancaster Bulk Beef Is very easy for you to buy from us. Here at Rock haven Family Farms we like to offer not just the best meat but also great service when it comes to you having questions and your questions being answered in a timely manner and in a very understanding way.

Another great thing about ordering from us is that we not only make it easier for you to order and are very understanding but we also will only work with local butchers. So everything that you will buy from us is made here locally and not sent to processing plants anywhere in the US. Everything here is locally raised and locally sourced. Lancaster Bulk Beef Can also be affordable and high-quality. That’s why we would like to offer $50 off Your first order when you order from us. So you don’t have to stress out about paying too much money for great meat that you can have in your freezer when there’s no meat at the grocery store.

All of our meat is grown hormone-free and you don’t have to worry about your family and resting some weird preservative. This is some weird medication. Everything that we grow is locally raised right here on our farm. Also we dry aged beef so you will never have your beef shrink to have the size because it was water weight. Typically when you buy something from the grocery store Side Drive review it is when Age 2. This just adds a lot of water weight so you’re actually paying for half the meat and half water. This is another great reason why you should trust us with your order today.

If you’re ready to order from us then do not hesitate because we are a gray company. Our phone number is 717-305-1315. You can also go to our website and see for yourself what people have to say about our company or just get more information about our company and contact us through there. https://rockhavenfamilyfarms.com/

Lancaster Bulk Beef | Pennsylvania’s Best Bulk Meat

Lancaster Bulk Beef Is bought right here at Rock Haven Family Farms. You will never have to worry about the quality of our meats or the way we raise our Meats..Buying beef in bulk has many benefits. We are able to offer you many options when it comes to buying your meat and what cut you want. You’re able to order different cuts so all the cuts you love for you and your family so we are able to customize your order depending on what cuts you want. You’ll be able to order the best meat for your family that is healthy and grown with no hormones. All of the food that is grown right here on our farm, so you don’t have to worry about any added preservatives. Quality over quantity is what we like to say because that is what we do here at our Farms.

If you are not sure how much beef you need like most other people how much beef then we normally recommend that you start at a quarter your for your first order. That is 130 lb of meat and from there you get an idea of how much meat and in what amount of time your family consumes. Lancaster Bulk Beef Doesn’t have to be confusing to put in your order from us. Here at Rock haven Family Farms we tried to make it as easy as possible for you to have your family needs in terms of meat. That’s why we strive to offer the best customer service and the best quality of meat that you will encounter on this Market.

Another advantage of buying from us is that we are not only locally raising our black everything that we use in every business that we use is Here Local to Pennsylvania. We also dry age our beef at the butcher and that’s why it has the darker appearance than the one you buy at the grocery store. The one at the grocery store is normally what age when you cook the meat will shrink way too much and that is because it’s soaked in water. So a lot of them wait for what is promised to you at this grocery store. It’s actually just water. Lancaster Bulk Beef Is made safe and affordable here from your local rock haven Family Farms.

We are able to customize your order so you’ll get the cuts your family always eats. Like that you will never waste the beef. We are also able to offer you a $50 discount when you order your first time. So you can save money and be happy with the beef you are eating.

If you’re ready to give us a call to order today or even to just ask for more information then we’re able to be here for you. Our phone number is 717-305-1315. Do not hesitate, we are very friendly so give us a call today to ask more about the process of ordering your beef in bulk. We can also be reached on our website by just clicking contact us information about our farm and how the process works. https://rockhavenfamilyfarms.com/