Lancaster Bulk BeefIs very easy to order here at Rock Haven Family Farms. If you’re looking for a local family owned here in Pennsylvania, Then you found your place. Our locally raised beef is guaranteed quality and you’ll not find it anywhere else. Our meat is so excellent. It’s so tasty that you will not regret ordering from us. We are a fourth-generation family-owned business and we are here to serve you with great meat and great customer service. You will not find better meat at the grocery store and that’s a guarantee. You will now also not be able to find better customer service anywhere else. You work directly with us and we are happy to help you and provide you with the best quality of meats that you will ever buy.

If you’re looking for an amazing Black Angus beef then our farm is definitely something you would want to look into. We offer dry aged Black Angus beef that is of the highest quality you can find on the market. We never use hormones to raise our cows so that is why our meat is also healthy and safe to eat for you and your family. Lancaster Bulk Beef can also be great when it comes to Quality. We also custom cut your order so you get the exact Heights you need and exact types of meat you want in your freezer to enjoy with your family.

Our farm is also able to offer you a $50 off offer when you order your first bulk meat. So you’ll never have to worry about spending too much money on high quality beef. We wanted to make it stress-free and affordable for you and your family. We just want you to enjoy the meat and have a healthy life while consuming our meat. Because as mentioned before we don’t use anything that’s bad like hormones. Lancaster Bulk Beef Can be very stress free to order with our process. So you don’t have to stress yourself out if you’re a first-time Customer because we are able to walk you through the process that is very easy.

Our process is very easy to get a handle on. You will look out for the posted dates that we offer when our meat is ready. When do we have the dates you are able to fill out an order and tell us exactly what cuts of meat you want and how much meat you would like. We offer 1/4 steer, half steer, or whole steer. You will always know exactly why you have in your freezer family Barbecue. You will custom make your order to your needs and wants. No matter what your cut of meat is or if you want Burger Patties or anything from filets to sirloin so we can make that happen for you.

So if you’re ready to order with us today give us a call. Our phone number is 717-305-1315. We’re here to help you. If you want you can also go to our website and contact us there or just simply look to our website for more information.

Lancaster Bulk Beef | Have Some Meat In Your Freezer

Lancaster Bulk Beef Can be bought here at Rock Haven Family Farms. We are a local Farm here in Pennsylvania that offers our local families with bulk beef. We only grow Black Angus beef so you know it’s high-quality. We also guaranteed our quality. So you never have to worry about getting a bad product from us. Our meat is always high quality and is one of the best types of meats on the market. We work with local butchers and everything we do it’s local so you know you’re getting the best customer service and the best quality. Our process of ordering meat is easier than going to the supermarket. All you have to do is give us a call and talk to us about your needs and wants.

Lancaster Bulk Beef offers you the peace of mind Of knowing that you’ll never run out of meat. You will always have meat in your freezer to feed your family. We offer bulk orders here at Rock haven Family Farms. The way you can buy our meat is in three ways. You can buy a quarter steer which is about 130 lb, you can buy a half steer which is approximately 240 lb, or you can buy a whole steer which is approximately 520 lb. So you’ll never run out of your favorite cut or your favorite high quality beef. As mentioned before our beef is Black Angus so it’s one of the highest qualities on Market.

Here at Rock haven Family Farms we also provide ourselves in having gray customer service. You’ll never have to worry about being intimidating and ordering our services. Our meats are very easily attainable and we are here to help you walk you through the process. No matter what questions you have, we are able to answer all your questions. We also do custom orders so you never have to worry about not having your favorite cut in your freezer. Lancaster Bulk Beef Is done easily here at Rock Haven Family Farms. We also offer to dry aged Black Angus beef so We never use water to Age your beef.

We are also happy to tell you that our armies have no added hormones. We are also happy to let you know that our beef is started on the grass and finished on Green Frog by 3 results when it comes to taste and the marble look. You’ll never have to worry about your being bad quality. Our beef is dry aged for 2 weeks and after it is cut depending on your custom order. Then freeze it for 3 days and after the three days we deliver it to you.

If you’re ready to start on ordering your beef in bulk then definitely get in contact with us. Our phone number is 717-305-1315. Or you can go to our website and reach us through there to make sure we have your order ready for you. You can also find a lot of information about cuts and how the process works on our website.