Lancaster Bulk Beef Can be a very easy thing to order today. Our rockhaven family farms are able to provide you with the highest Quality Meats and Best Cuts. We customize your order so you get exactly the cut you want. You will never be disappointed with our services. Also you will never be disappointed with the quality of meat that we offer. We offer the best quality of me that you will find on the market. You don’t have to worry about what your family is eating because our meats are a hundred percent free of hormones. You will be also pleased to know that we dry-age for at least two weeks before we cut it. This ensures that you have a great quality of meat.

Here at Rock Haven Family Farms, we also are proud to tell you that we hold ourselves to the highest standard when it comes to the feed of the cattle. We grow all of our feed here on property. You are guaranteed when it comes to Lancaster Bulk Beef. and you will be able to taste from the first by the high wallet and tenderness of our beef. You will never have to worry about going into the grocery store again and possibly getting bad quality meat after paying large amounts of money. You’re always guaranteed that you will have the best quality for a very good price.

Another great thing that we offer here is that if you are a first-time customer and new to the process we are able to give you a $50 off offer from your first order. Lancaster Bulk Beef Can also be affordable so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money and being disappointed. We guarantee that you will love the meat that we offer and the high quality of me. We offer. You will never have to worry about going to the grocery store again. You can just order your main and have it in your freezer from the comfort of your home.

The process is very easy when it comes to ordering. We offer a quarter steer, half steer, or whole steer. After you decide how much meat you want you go on and call us to ask when our dates are that we are taking the order. when we have the day to eat you will be able to put in your order for the exact amount of beef you want and they got cut you would like. After you put in your order we go on to cutting the meat for you. With dry age are meat for two weeks before we even cut into it just to ensure high quality.

If you’re ready to order or just simply know more about the process then get in contact with us as soon as possible. Our phone number is 717-305-1315. You can reach us there or also go on the website to find a lot of information. Our website is very informative when it comes to the process of buying bulk beef.

Lancaster Bulk Beef | Best Thing To Buy Today

Lancaster Bulk Beef That is high quality you bought here at Rock haven Family Farms. You’ll never have to worry about our feet being low-quality. We raised Black Angus freezer beef of the highest quality that you will find at the market. As we like to say, the quality begins with genetics. Black Angus beef cattle are at one of the best battles on the market. That is why you know you are getting a gray quality of meat. We also care so much about everything that goes into our cattle. That is why the feed is grown here on our property. So everything you truly farm to table.

If you’re hey going to the grocery store and always getting disappointed that your meat is watery or is just not good and you’ve already paid a high price for it then that worry can go out of the window. Lancaster Bulk Beef Is the answer so you are relaxed and can enjoy the easiness of just ordering your beef through the phone or through our website. You don’t have to leave her house to make sure you did the best quality beef there is in Pennsylvania. I’ll be dealing with a local Farm that is here to serve only you and our clients. We don’t deal with anyone else and we will listen carefully to what you have to say.

The process of ordering Lancaster Bulk Beef can sound like a lot but it is easier than going to the grocery store. You can just give us a call and we’ll walk you through the process. On our website, you will find a lot of information about how the process works. We post the date of when we’re ready to cell and that is when you call us we will walk you through exactly why you need to know. We offer different options in how much you can order and you tell us which cuts you would like. So your order is custom-made.

As mentioned before our orders are all able to be custom beef cuts. So you are able to offer your family whatever cuz they want and eat on a daily basis. You are able to get dry aged Black Angus beef with no added hormones that are cut your way. You’re also able to get $50 off your first order when you order here at Rock haven Family Farms. Every cut is guaranteed to be the best quality. Our beef is also dry aged for 2 weeks before we cut it for you and your family. Then we freeze it for a couple of days before you come into the shop to pick it up. We’re also a for the generation family farm so we do work directly with you and other local families.

If you’re ready to get started call us or go to our website. Even if you have any questions about the process, call us or check us out on our website. Her phone number is 717-305-1315. And if you want to know more information you can ask us on the phone or you can just go to our website and read everything about our family-owned business.