If you are trying to find bulk beef in Lancaster than the best place to go is Rock Haven Family Farms. We are different than other bulk beef places because we are the fourth generational family farm to have cattle. We have custom cuts and we always maintain high quality. We care about what we do we love that we can do it. We know that you’ll be very happy with your order because we try a Angus beef for two weeks. We also sell black Angus beef that is the most tender and most flavorful of them all. We only sell high quality products. In fact right now you can get $50 off your first order or $20 off from the referrals, as long as they use your referral code.

We only have a limited amount beef so we always ask that you get your order and as soon as you know what beef, or your exact amount. The question Customize ordering, will give you paper and you fill out exactly what cuts and what you are wanting. We know that this can be a bit overwhelming for our time gas therefore that’s why we are very willing to lock you the process with you only have a limited beef because the only process I cattle every 3 to 4 months. That’s why it’s very important to turn in your paper as soon as you know what you want.

We have customize sheets is because not every family is the same. Some families have my roast more than steaks, sometimes people cook hamburgers every weekend, need hamburger meat, or maybe you just have learned and just start smoking brisket and/or other things, we are here for you you can give you the best quality of cut. we are the ones to go to if you are looking to find bulk beef in Lancaster. we only have limited beef all the beef is the best cuts. The best Angus beef and we are proud to offer our black Angus beef. So proud of our high quality.

I cattle has two thirds of their life out on the pastor they only have a crash diet. As they grow the transition the last third of their life more of a grain-based diet. We only provide the greatest quality of feed and the best diet. Went to taste our plaque Angus beef you can never go back because not only is ours the past but it is also dry aged at a picture and find that it is extremely tenderized and incredible.

If you have any questions comments concerns he can always contact Rock Haven Family Farms in order to find bulk beef and Lancaster. You can contact us to our website or phone number. Look forward to working with you the best quality service. The site is www.rockhavenfamilyfarms.com. Of course if you want to talk to my personal life representative, our phone number is 717-598-4334. They’re very confident get you exactly what you are needing. Because everything with high quality. The pay pitching to the class details we make sure we get things done on time. We listen to our customers we want to make here meat purchase easier. You probably do like going to continue doing it for ever.

Find Bulk Beef In Lancaster

What makes us different? If you’re looking to find bulk beef in Lancaster Rock Haven Family Farms is the place to go. He had the sellers bulk beef help you. Makes us different is that we care. Our quality I cattle. Fourth generation farm cattle. We have custom cuts quality every single time. I Angus beef is tried age for two weeks before. The offering is first order. of course, anytime you refer us to someone then we give you $20 off when they use a referral code. We rely a lot on Irish decent testimonials in order to Business out. In fact we believe that we have amazing and incredible reviews we suggest that you check it out.

Reviews is an excellent way for you to see who we are as individuals. See from our past and current clients we are, how we process and how is our quality. Check out because we know what you find. We are hard-working individuals come together creates amazing. We are family owned and family operated. We believe what we do continue doing it because we hard-working individuals can come together to form an amazing team. Getting things done to the smallest of details. Everything we do is amazing that we think we should take care of you and any means. To find bulk beef and Lancaster then we are definitely spot for you. Please take time to listen to our customers life a little easier in all of your bulk.

If you’re trying to find bulk beef in Lancaster than Rock Haven Family Farms’s the spot to go. However we do have a limited amount of pizza because beef is only processed every 3 to 4 months. We are working on trying to get it more regular and more available sleep currently in process every three or four months. So we asked for you to get your orders in as soon as possible because we know that are incredible and amazing piece kicked up pretty quickly if you went to the last minute.

We have custom cuts and customize ordering. We know it can be confusion, more than helpful, kind, and looking forward to being able to help you through the process. The reason for customize ordering is because not every family is the same. Some family has my roast every night, uses grant peace a lot, or they like to cook steaks a lot grill hamburgers every weekend for me to spot smoke brisket and so many other.

Any questions comments for free to contact my company. We love what we do we want to continue doing it for many many years. We are friendly and professional the level with you. Will I be able to help you in any of your peace and find bulk beef Lancaster needs. Can always contact Rock Haven Family Farms dry website and over the phone. Our website is www.rockhavenfamilyfarms.com. Of course if you’d rather talk to us can always contact 717-598-4334. Look forward to working with you being able to help you the best way possible. We look forward to retrying our top-quality and amazing beef.