if you’re looking to find bulk beef in Lancaster than give the rock haven family farm call today. We are happy to be at reserves he would go standard cattle beef. Our black Angus cattle has been able to provide people with the feeling and happy experience all around the state of Oklahoma. They have received juicy, the 14, tender, and fulfilling stakes. Our stakes last longer than any other companies and they also are healthier than the company that you can come across.

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You can find bulk beef and Lancaster at the Rockhaven family. The rock haven family form is a form that has been given to Find Bulk Beef In Lancaster great beef steak, sausage, brisket, and so much more to its local community. Because today we will make sure that you get exactly what you and your family is wanting. We have three different options for you that is available. We have our 1/4th steer available to you. We also offer 1/2 steer, and last but not least a whole steer. Gives a call today so that we can figure out what best suits you or your family.

You are looking to find bulk beef in Lancaster that is a great quality that shot with us. We have the gold standard black Angus beef that you want. This may say so amazing. It is the softest textured beef that you will ever find. This beef melting your mouth like butter. You are able to get the most tender cuts at the most affordable prices. And guess what?! It gets better. Not only is the beef such great quality but it is also organic. Our farm raised beef fed grass for two thirds of their life. The remaining of their diet consists of grain-based options. We slowly walked them into that.

You can receive your fourth steer for $3.05 a pound. The weight is based off of its address Tenuate plus butchering cause. Dress hanging weight is essentially the meat and the bones and legally we must say are beef this way since our beef is butcher at state inspected butcher shops. We have the most amazing options available to you. If that isn’t enough before you try out our half steer running for $2.95 a pound dress hanging weight, or our whole steer ringing up at $2.85 a pound dress hanging weight plus butchering cause. Because today if you have been trying to find bulk beef in Lancaster. We can help you. That is why we are the best in the business and we can continue providing you with the utmost quality of care and respect every chance we get. We love being able to provide you with the best services in the business because we know our customer service is incredible.

We normally raise our steers around 1500 through 1600 pounds. I was taken very from steer to steer and based on what everything is look alike. However you will always be guaranteed high quality cuts estate. We never give you less than what we promote. You always get amazing black Angus beef at an amazing price. It is very important that we provide you with quality foods to north side of your body. We are always working to save you in the best way possible. We know that you will like to hear that we always bring our own cleaning supplies. All products that we use are eco-friendly. We make sure that we use these safe products to best ensure that we don’t leave any toxic residue for our clients or our client’s families. That is why we are growing every day to best serve you every chance we can. We know that everything is amazing and that is why we are growing every day.

If you have any additional questions or concerns and give us a call today. Our family is always happy and ready to help you. We treat our clients like a trusted family or friend. You are always welcome with open arms and treated with joy. You can cause today at 717-305-1315, or feel free to visit our website today at RockHavenFamilyFarms.com.