If you want to have the best Bulk Beef In Lancaster then go to Rock Haven Family Farms. Here at Rockhaven Family Farm we promise you that you will have custom beef cuts that are locally raised and quality is guaranteed. We have great reviews on all of our meats we sell as well. You can buy your meat by a quarter steer, a half steer or a whole steer. We offer you a dry age block of English beef but it’s as custom made Cuts with no added hormones. All of our animals are started on grass feeding and finished on grain for the best marble pattern. We are a fourth generation Family Farm where all of our meats are dried for 2 weeks and are 100 percent angus beef. We will guarantee you that you will have quality beef after you’ve ordered with us.

You can read all of our reviews to see how great the quality of this really is. We also will offer $50 off your first order so you can try all of our amazing Bulk Beef In Lancaster products. Wie take pride in serving the best quality beef here and on our farm. The quality begins all in genetics. We have discovered during that testing that blocking this beet is the gold standard for beef. We have found them to be consistently Superior to any other breed.

We found that feeding them a balanced nutritious meal of hay and corn has also helped them too. We also give them grain for 2/3 of their life to guarantee that the beef is as tender as possible. We always ask our butchers to dry it for at least 2 weeks. This helps to create the best freezer beef possible.We have three options for our beef. You can get a quarter of a steer which is approximately 130 lb of beef. You can also get a half of a steer which is approximately 260 pounds of beef. Or you can get a whole steer which is approximately 520 lb of beef.

We normally have our steers weigh about 1500 to 1600 pounds after they’re fully old. They are about 870 lb and they’re just hanging weight. and after a dry aging they come out to be about 522 lb in your freezer for almost here. Then you will get to choose the way you choose your cut of beef. If you want more bones in your meat then you will have a higher weight. If you just debone, you must do it if you will have less weight at Bulk Beef In Lancaster.

People aren’t sure how much beef they’ll need for their family. We always recommend starting with a quarter of both beef for your first purchase, you can get an idea of how far 130 lb of beef your family needs. If you are interested in purchasing beef but do not know how much you should get you can give us a call at 717-305-1315. If you would like to order your meat now you can go on our website at rockhavenfamilyfarms.com and get your custom meat now.

Bulk Beef In Lancaster | Quality Meats

If you want some Bulk Beef In Lancaster then we can get that for you here from Rockhaven family farms. We will deliver them to you as quality meat. We have three different sizes for you to choose from and this will be a great investment for you to feed you and your family. According to the USDA, beef that is frozen from the beginning indefinitely. however we recommend for you to have the highest quality for it to be eight within 12 months of the purchase date. The quarter steer is our most popular type. We have a few customers who go together to place or whatever for a half for a whole and they split up between the families. This provides even greater both beef and Lancaster savings. If you are looking to get the best thing for your buck we recommend that you get family and friends together to purchase beef.

The way the process works can be a little confusing to some people. So basically once we have all of the dates for the butchering listed we will begin talking to both Bulk Beef In Lancaster orders for the quarters tabs and holes to your purchases. Once you decide how much people need, we will send you a custom order sheet so you can fill that out and get the exact Cuts you want. Now this is new for many people so we will walk you through the process and if you have any questions you can always call us.

It is important to consider the way you and your family eat. If you enjoy a lot of steaks then you should request more of that. If you make hamburgers then you should request more of that. you want to customize your order to fit in with what your family normally eats. In order to reserve any custom order we will ask for a $100 deposit per quarter to Bulk Beef In Lancaster. We will meet you there to go over your order and make sure everything is correct. We will put it all into your car so you can enjoy the fresh Black Angus beef.

You will notice a huge difference after tasting our fresh Black Angus beef. Since our beef is dry aged at the butcher you will notice a huge difference since most store-bought beef is what age. You will notice how it seems to disappear when you cook it because it has been soaking up water for when it goes to the storeThe water can’t tenderize it but it also creates a lot of water right which will evaporate into cooked food. dry aging hopes to avoid this problem.

We will be sure to deliver you the very best quality meat. We have a passion for this industry and we will make sure that you are 100% satisfied. We feel like we have mastered the technique to make the best quality leaves. If you have any questions about how this process works as many people are unfamiliar you can give us a call at 717-305-1315. or if you’d like to begin your order you can go on our website at rockhavenfamilyfarms.com