If you’re looking for the most amazing bulk beef in Lancaster Oklahoma they make sure that you call us. Rock hate has been around for so long. We grew up farming and taking care of cattle. However, we began selling a home beef two years ago. The rock haven owner Luke has been happen is that SLB for over 50 years. He was raised as a true farm boy. Whenever summer comes we have a huge spike in sales and how Arcana produces beef. When the winter months, it slows down a bit. However we are still selling beef all the time.

We strongly encourage you not to purchase beef from your local grocery store and instead purchase bulk beef in Lancaster area. They come with so many add in ingredients that are not healthy for you. The rock haven family farm is sure to make sure that they are cows is getting the care and beans and what is necessary to grow properly. Never you are working with a farm raised cattle meat distributor he received more benefits.

You can ask more questions that they will know the answer to because they are the ones that actual head. More than likely. Most companies like ourselves take better care of their grass and living condition. This will keep leaning worms and other gross bugs, insects, parasites, and substances from. If you have any more you can contact us. The base the best part about our company is it you receive great quality meat. Nothing is better than eating food and feeling clean why you needed. You know that the meat is a lot healthier and cleaner and you feel better after eating it. Beef is already so fulfilling already. But if you make the right choice by purchasing from our company and you will be able to have the most amazing experience of your life. Create your personalized bulk in beef order in Lancaster today on our website.

We are ready to knock your socks off. We would like to take your experiences beef takes a whole another level. Give us confidence and be happy to assist you. Providing great quality beef for our local family in France has been such an amazing experience. We take it a season. We are so excited and happy to be able to assist you. Gives holiday and let us speak with you about what option will work best for you.

We put a lot of care into what we do. We are so proud to be able to provide high quality steak cuts. We offer you a gift for your favorites purchase with our company. You receive $50 off your first order with us. If you’re looking for ways to contact the company in call at 717-305-1315. Our website is always available for you at your convenience. If you have any questions or concerns they may finance on our website. It is time to RockHavenFamilyFarms.com. Come enjoy fresh, local black Angus beef today. You will never go back.

Bulk Beef In Lancaster

rock haven family farm is more than happy to be able to provide bulk beef in Lancaster, OK. We present high quality Angus beef. Quality begins in the genetics of the cow itself. I can use beef cattle are some the most amazing high-quality cows into the purchase. We make sure they have a balanced meal with nutrition every single day. This will make sure that they receive all of the nutrients that they need in order to be considered high quality. If you do not know about it, Angus beef is considered the gold standard.

We provide you with nothing but the best bulk beef in Lancaster. Our beef is sold in three options for you. You can purchase 1/4 steer, and 1/2 steer, or ask for a whole steer. We want to make sure that you have enough for your family. This is why we offer custom cuts. We are always thinking of you and Wayne to make sure that your family has enough for the dinner or month’s worth. However you prefer to purchase we can make it happen for you. Our beef is so much better than any other company and you can tell when you look at it.

We have the most amazing bulk beef in Lancaster and you can tell by being able to look at the vibrant red colors in our beef. It looks a lot more. Because it is. It is healthy and it does not have different blotches throughout it I’m sitting out for very long time and other particles being inparted inside of the beef. We are here to maximize your experience with great quality beef. We make sure that we are beef to dry age for two weeks of the you can get the best quality beef possible. Every process counts. You have to be very knowledgeable when it comes to me to know what you are doing and we are. We are the most knowledgeable family farm that there is.

The owner, Luke has been in the industry of selling beef with his father for over 50 years straight. He is varying great at what he does. He got train as a young boy and now as a grown man who is able to provide his customers and clients with the most amazing services and high quality beef on the market. No more poor beef from local grocery stores. No more digestive problems. Receive any cuts of beef that you would like from us including ribs, brisket, and even the finest steak cuts.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about our process, cuts of beef, or anything else to visit our website today. Our website is available to you for your convenience. We understand that in the times that we are in everyone is extremely busy. Especially, if you have a family then you can get very busy throughout the day. So, find a website by going to RockHavenFamilyFarms.com. Feel free to give us a call at any time. The absolute level we do unlike other farm owners. We are in it to win it and help you win to you! Reach out to either one of the owners my calling 717-305-1315. We cannot wait to receive your first package.