What we do here at Rock Haven Family Farms is that we offer you the option to buy Bulk Beef In Lancaster. The meat products are amazing and you will Delphine. Regret buying from mice. We are experts in Black Angus beef and that is what we sell. We sell the highest quality Black Angus freezer beef that you will find in the market. It is delivered to your home and you don’t have to worry about anything. We work directly with two local butchers to make sure that your order is taken care of to the highest standards. You only have to work with us and not worry about any other thing. We take pride in raising our cows to the highest standards and we are very careful with what they eat. so you know you are getting high quality meat.

Another great reason why you should order with us today is because we do offer $50 off your first order. This is a huge discount when it comes to such high quality beef. We also do custom gift cards so no matter what your favorite cut of meat is we are able to accommodate. We are also offering the best Black Angus freezer beef on Market. You can order our Meats in different sizes from 130 lb to 520 lb. So you are able to enjoy exactly what your family needs. Bulk Beef In Lancaster Can be confusing that’s why I would suggest that you go to our website and see more information on how the process works.

As mentioned before, Bulk Beef In Lancaster can be confusing. That’s why I would like to talk more about our process here at Rockhaven Family Farms. We work closely with 2 butchers and we have to have their dates listed and that’s when we begin taking orders for all Meats. After you know exactly how much meat you would like we send this information over to the butchers and let them know exactly what cut you want. There is a $100 deposit per quarter to reserve your order because it’s a custom order.

Another great thing about buying beef in bulk and customizing your order is that you get exactly what your family needs so you never have to throw away food. You can also freeze the beef and just have it frozen there for a period of time until you’re able to eat it. So there is no wasting your money when it comes to buying from us because you are able to have your meat frozen and enjoy as you wish.

If you’re ready to get the process started eating and ordering your beef do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can go to our website and order your beef from there. Or you can also call us. Our phone number is 717-305-1315. We can also explain how the process works over the phone. So if you still have any questions we are able to answer them over the phone for your convenience. https://rockhavenfamilyfarms.com/

Bulk Beef In Lancaster | Buying Meat In Bulk Is Best

If you’re looking for Bulk Beef In Lancaster then you should definitely check us out. Our name is Rock Haven family farms and we are proud to tell you that we are the best bulk beef delivery in the US. We offer custom beef cuts that are locally raised and the quality and freshness of our meat is always guaranteed. We work closely with 2 butchers locally and take care of your custom order no matter what. No matter what your order is or what cut of meat you would like to receive we are able to accommodate any order you might want. Our products will never disappoint your expectations as we are very quality oriented and we also have great customer service. Our meat has no added hormones and we start on grass and finish on grain for best marbling.

If you think this is a costly process to buy Bulk Beef In Lancaster, then you’ll definitely want to get in contact with us here at Rock Haven Family Farms. We offer for first-time customers $50 off your first order. And along the line we do have some specials that you will enjoy very much. This is not something that has to be costly. Having great tasting meat and high quality doesn’t have to be expensive. Everyone deserves to have great tasting meat at their doorstep. You don’t have to search in supermarkets for meat. Sometimes supermarkets don’t have high Quality Meats they only have the low-grade Quality Meats. With us your guarantee that you will get high quality meat every time I take a bite.

We offer multiple options on how you can buy Bulk Beef In Lancaster. We have the 1/4 steer option that you can purchase and this means that you will be getting around 130 lb of meat. You can customize your order and get any Cuts you want according to the cut your family eats. You have to sit down and think about what types of meats your family enjoys so you get the exact meat your family needs today. You can also have a half steer which is 260 lb of meat. We also have the option of 1 steer which is 520 lb of meat. This is definitely for a family that is bigger and consumes meat every day.

If you’re ready to get started on getting the best Black Angus freezer beef at your doorstep then death getting contact with us today. Our meat is amazing and the best quality. Our Black Angus freezer beef it’s one of the highest qualities you ever have. It will feel like you are at a five-star restaurant when you sit down for your steak dinner at your own house. And you will also be more than half the price.

If everything I say here interests you then you will definitely want to give us a call today our phone number is 717-305-1315. You can also go to our website and see some information on how the process works there and get in touch with us through our website as well by contacting us there. https://rockhavenfamilyfarms.com/