If you have ever thought about buying your beef and bulk then you should go to Rock Haven family farms and buy Bulk Beef In Lancaster. They are a great family farm that has been perfecting how to produce the best meat for many years. they believe that you will be 100% satisfied with their quality. you have many different size options. You can buy a quarter, half or full cow. This could be a great way to begin saving money on groceries and buying food for you and your family.

This will be an investment that you will make and then we will be able to have me available for quite some time depending on the size of your family it will be worth it to buy Bulk Beef In Lancaster. It’s great as well because you can customize the packages and what type of meat you get to bring home. the price will differ in comparison to the different quality cuts and meat that you get. Every sizing option will be listed on the website so you can be sure to know how much meat that you will be getting.

Rock Haven Family Farms has been in the family for generations. Luke is the owner who grew up in Kirkwood pennsylvania. He always had a passion for animals and farming with the Lancaster family. He would help with the cattle whenever he was younger and After High School he decided to join us down on the farm where he would continue working. He got married to his wife Kelsey in 2019 and they purchased the first group of cattle. Luca and Kelsey begin on their own beef just in 2020 but they have been doing this in their families for over 50 years. This is their passion and they love what they do. Many of their days are spent with the family and managing all of the customer service and the farm. Many times Kelsey spends her day walking people through the process of placing their custom orders.

There are a couple of local butchers that are called the Noble Road butcher shop and the Rocky Ridge butcher shop and both specialize in Bulk Beef In Lancaster. They have a very long relationship with these pictures and are thankful to have these butchers that allow them to place custom orders. They are located just a few minutes away from the farm and are open all year long and are so throughout the year. Most of their cattle are from virginia. They purchase cattle from there because they are known for quality consistency. Once they weigh around 700 to 900 pounds they bring them to their Farm until they are ready for the butcher. They have a very strict diet of hay corn and soybeans.

Rock Heaven Family Farms has a very strict regimen and how they produce their beef so that they can give their customers the highest quality. They have been perfecting this for many years and feel that it is finally there. If you are interested in ordering any of their beef and have some questions on the process you can call at 717-305-1315. or if you would like to place your order online and already know what you want you can go to rockhavenfamilyfarms.com.

Bulk Beef In Lancaster | Large Varieties

It can be a very smart investment to begin buying all of your Bulk Beef In Lancaster. This could be an especially good investment if you have a family that you are feeding. at Rock Haven Family Farms they have perfected the way that they sell and rather be. They begin by buying their travel and from a small town in virginia. from there they feed them a diet that is very healthy. feed them corn and Grains and a lot of minerals.

They like to make sure that they raise healthy cattle so they can create healthy family meals. They have been doing this and then in the business for four generations. One of their passions in life is animals and being on the farm. They are confident and have done a lot of research on how to create the Bulk Beef In Lancaster in this market. You will know in between this meat that this is great quality. many of our customers that we have in return every year when to get more. We pride ourselves on all of our repeat customers and hope that you will check us out sometime soon.

The most popular size is to order the quarter steer. This is a great place to start to make sure that you’re not ordering too much for your family. other people also will split a whole year with another family so that they can get more further money. This could also be a great thing to do if you are looking to save a little bit of money and to get a little bit more meat. You get to pick all of the cuts of meat that you want and every package will be customized to what you need. if your family it’s a lot of steak you will be able to order primarily steak. If your family has hamburgers every week you’ll be able to do that as well. all of us are made that you order can be customized to you and your family and what you eat.

We are a small Family Farm and like to keep everything local and sell the best Bulk Beef In Lancaster. We always go to local butcher shops in order to get all of our beef done. We trust him completely with all of our picture shop needs. We also will dry out meat for 2 weeks. Then we will freeze it for a couple of weeks too in order to ensure that it would be the best for you and your family.

This is a great way to get a cheap price by buying them both. it can stay in the fridge for as long or the freezer for as long as you need. it is recommended for the best quality that you eat within a year. A great family in business which would love to survive you and your family with high quality needs. Are interested in how this process works then you can give us a call at 717-305-1315. or if you’d like to be in your order and see what products we have to offer you can go to our website at rockhavenfamilyfarms.com.