If you’re looking for the best bulk beef in Lancaster then good news, Rock Haven Family Farms is here to help. If you’re waiting to customize your order to best fit your needs you can simply do that. We love what we do and where are the fourth generation no family farm. We try HR meet two weeks let’s have Angus beef and even custom cuts. We make sure we have quality every single time the matter what. I now were offering $50 off your first order. We want to give you the best cuts best quality and best beef possible. If you want to customize your order your free related it at any time.

We are the best bulk beef in Lancaster because we believe customizing orders is the best way because it gets you exactly what you are wanting for your family. The enjoy a lot of steaks, hamburgers every week, brisket a few times? Whatever the scenario, we are here and we take orders as soon as we have a butcher date listed. We can take orders for any quarters or halves or even holds dear purchases. As an is you find how much beef you are wanting we send a custom order sheet for you to fill out and get exact cuts and exact amount that you are wanting. We are very helpful and we love to help walk you through the process. Once he make sure everything is correct then we go over your order will load everything into your vehicle and you be all set to enjoy your fresh black Angus beef.

We are trying that have beef more consistently but however we usually have it ready every 3 to 4 months throughout the year. If you will be put on the waiting list and you can always add your email to our list on our website. As he may now that we sell are beef by the weight and we do it in bulk by giving discounted orders. When ordered in bulk. You can find all of our prices and are frequently asked questions page on our website. It breaks it down by weight, by how much in bulk, and what other charges may be an additional cost.

If you are wanting to reserve or purchase any beef we ask that you please reach out so we can make sure that we save this for you. In fact we only have a limited amount of beef because we raise our own cattle by ourselves. The only raise a certain number therefore we can make sure we give our customers exactly what they ordered and plenty of time, your order and as soon as possible so we can make sure we start your process.

If you have any questions comments concerns you can always contact us for our best bulk beef in Lancaster. Rock Haven Family Farms can always be contacted through our website and over the phone. I website is www.rockhavenfamilyfarms.com. Of course if you want talk to our life representative you can always contact us by our business telephone number which is 717-598-4334. We look forward to working with you and being able to have a personal and professional relationship and make sure you are given the best top quality of meat.

Best Bulk Beef In Lancaster

Rock Haven Family Farms is the best bulk beef in Lancaster. We had 1/4 generational family farm. Having the best beef in all of Kirkwood and Lancaster is in our blood. Ever since the current owner, Luke grew up on his family beef farm he has always had a passion for animals and he spent his days working on the field and feeding cattle. When the market crashed in 2020 we started selling our beef to local Burkett butcher shops and local customers. Luke is now the fourth generation on the family farm and enjoys his work here with his boys and wife.

we are the Best Bulk Beef In Lancaster because we insist on drying our cattle for two weeks for maximum tenderness. He always has custom cuts and Angus beef. We believe in quality every single time not just the first time. Right now we are giving $50 off our first order and of course $20 off every time you refer someone. Feeling about the best cuts and we utilize the entire cattle. The reason we do custom cuts, is because if you like more hamburgers, roast or, steak every night, you’re able to custom cut you to your specific needs. We like the term you are what you eat. That’s why we strategize and we only raise our cattle to be the healthiest we can.

RP spends two thirds of their life on a pasture and then we transition them to hate grass and corn diet. That ensures a tender and high quality product. We always provide great quality feed for them. The process I beef every 3 to 4 months therefore we always ask you to get in your order as immediately as you can because we only have a limited amount of beef we do not want to run out. We raise our cattle on her own farm and then take it to the butcher. The budget then cuts it and lets it rest for two weeks. We want to do that to get the maximize of tenderness..

We are very confident that we can take care of you and any of your beef needs possible. We know that everything we do is amazing and with high quality. We thank all of our customers have stood by us even in the meat market crash in 2020. We will make your life easier by getting everything ready and packaged for you and all your beef needs. We are proud of the company we are we believe in getting things done. We always pay a clipped attention to the closest detail when raising our cattle because we want the best quality of meat for you.

If you have any questions comments concerns topic free to contact us anytime. Where the best bulk beef in Lancaster and we want to be able to help you any time. You can contact Rock Haven Family Farms by our website or over the phone. You can, our website is www.rockhavenfamilyfarms.com. Of course if you’d rather talk to us by phone, our phone number is 717-598-4334. We look forward to being able to give you the best quality of customer service because that is who we are and what we do. We are looking forward to having a professional, friendly, and personal relationship with you and any of your beef needs.