The Best Bulk Beef In Lancaster is found right here at Rock haven Family Farms. We are a family end farm that has been in our family for four generations. We cell high quality Black Angus beef that you can store in your freezer and you’re going to have for an extended period Of time. We’re trying a jar Smith for 2 weeks so when you get it it is freshly dry aged in Frozen. You will taste the difference in the first fight. We are highly rated by our customers. That’s how you know you are getting great quality meat. We are also able to make your order. So whatever cut you need you just tell us and we’re able to cut it and deliver whatever you need.

When you buy your blue shirt at a rock Haven Family Farms in the Bold you’ll be pleased to know that we dry aged our vehicles. So we never water age our meat and you will get 100% meat and no water in your beef. That is what grocery stores do and that’s why when you go quicker high quality beef you’re actually cooking half the weight of the water that they put in it. That is not what we do here; we pride ourselves in offering the best meat ever. So if you want to get the Best Bulk Beef In Lancaster Then you have definitely found the right place.

The great reason why you should order from us today is that we also want you to save money. So we not only thinking about the quality of Maori saving but also the price. You will not find a better price than our Farms. We are able to offer you a $50 off discount when you order for the first time here with us at rock haven. Tell me three times. We do not only want to offer the Best Bulk Beef In Lancaster, but we also want to help our clients to get their family great-tasting Meats. So if you’re looking to save some money at the same time as having a great amount of meat in your freezer 4 days to come. Then definitely look at ordering from us today. You can order up to 520 lb of stew meat. That is a lot of meat that you can store in your freezer and never have to worry about not having me. And we also offer an amazing price.

Where are family owned as mentioned before so you will work directly with us. You don’t have to go through hundreds of people to talk to the boss. We are here to help you and Meet your every need. You’ll definitely not be disappointed with the service we provide.

If you’re ready to get started or have any questions you can give us a call at 717-305-1315. Or you can just go to our website and have a look at our story and also get informed of how the process works there.

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If you want to get the Best Bulk Beef In Lancaster Then you have all the right things. Here at Brookhaven Family Farms we are experts in offering high-quality Black Angus freezer beef. Will not be disappointed with the quality that we offer for our means. You will taste the difference in the first bite. We are not just any Farm. We are a fourth-generation family-owned farm who works directly with our customers. So you’ll not get a better customer experience anywhere else. You will not be able to order your meat from us and have it sit in your freezer for an extended amount of time for you and your family to enjoy. Our cows are raised on grass and finished on granny. This diet helps them be more tender when you cook the meat.

Here at Rock haven Family Farms we’re able to work directly with the butchers. We only use local butchers so you get the best and freshest meat ever. The Best Bulk Beef In Lancaster can be hard to find but here at Rockhaven Family Farms we are happy to tell your dad we are able to provide you with fresh meat. You can buy it in bulk. You don’t ever have to return to the grocery store. You don’t have to wait in line or be appointed when you get to the grocery store because you don’t have the cut of meat that you want. You’re able to just receive your meat and go pick it up at a good Butcher Store when it’s ready. You just have to order from us through the phone or email us your sheet and we are able to get you started.

You will never have to worry about quality when it comes to our Black Angus freezer beef. We know that the quality of size with genetics, that is why our cattle are gold standard. So you don’t have to worry about your beef being bad. Like when you go to the grocery store for example and you buy what you think it’s a great part of me but then you go home and half of it disappears. That is because they would page their steak compared to us who dry aged our steaks. Best Bulk Beef In Lancaster is attainable here at Rock haven Family Farms. You don’t have to worry about anything when it comes to Quality or taste. You will be able to see that our peace is better than the one at the grocery store.

The way the process works is that you call ass and tell us exactly what you need. We have dates when we are able to start your order. So we can give you an estimate on how soon we can get your Meats ready for you. We are able to sell the meat in 1/4 steer, half steer, or whole steer.

If you want to get the process started today or if you have any questions give us a call. Our phone number is 717-305-1315. You can also go to our website and read more information about what we have to offer and about our product.